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Bernard Purdie

20 August 2017

So, yeah, it's not everyday you get to meet a living legend, a man who has worked with some of the world's most well-known musicians and is just as accomplished.

Meeting Bernard "Pretty" Purdie was a surprise. We happened to be vacationing not far from where they just moved. My brother had met Bernard and his lovely wife Celia a couple of years back and the bond was strong enough for our whole family to be invited over for dinner, where my youngest niece proclaimed she had the best burger she's ever had. Apparently a Purdie family recipe.

Anyway, the portrait came about because my dad asked me to get a good shot of Bernard. I think I'd have been shy to ask otherwise, but Bernard was real. He was a humble, friendly guy who opened up his home to us and I kind of knew he'd play along without hesitation. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that the worst anyone can say to you is no and that it's okay if they do. 

And I mean look at that smile. 

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